Wordless Wednesday: The SLEEP Edition

2 Mar

As in, my precious, sweet, lovely, happy baby girl is a fabulous sleeper,

as long as she is cuddled up next to me, resting her head on my shoulder and holding my hand in hers.

Yeah, remember that whole sleep issue?


‘Cause you can totally read about it here

and here

and here

and also right here

and totally here

and yes, here

and here

and here

and about thirty other places on here, that I am, currently, too tired to search for.

That is what happens when your baby likes to sleep, nestled against your shoulder,

holding your hand in hers.

And boy, do I have quite the story for you. But, alas, it’s Wordless Wednesday,

so you’re just going to have to hang tight and catch up on all of our tales

and tears

and sleepless nights

and slumber parties

of days gone by.


I sure have.

Oh, and by enjoy,

I mean



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