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I’m gonna make you fall in love with Brett Dennen

8 Dec

if it’s the last thing I do. No, really. He’s so awesome.

And I can safely say he is my second favorite enormously tall, bespectacled redhead.

I just discovered this version of one of my favorite songs–one that we perform in my band–so I thought I’d share the love.

Heart emoji.


Setting the tone(/tunes).

15 Mar

Morning jams,

a prelude to a wonderful day.


What’s that?

You’re like ‘Whoa! She’s so old school! She listens to songs on YouTube when her phone is literally an iPod!’

And to that, I say, “You’re right.” And this is not even the half of it. Just the other day my husband was poking fun at me for listening to my “Brutal Youth” cassette tape. )

Oh well. What can I say? Just how I roll.

Some girls have diamonds on the soles of their shoes

and others

have cassette tapes.