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What a sweet way to start the day!

17 Dec


It is 7 o’clock in the morning, I have not yet set foot out of bed, yet the delivery man has already come to my door with a magical Hanukkah present and I just don’t even know what to say besides:

It is official;

I have a Fairy Peepmother.

Just like I always say,

I have the BEST Peeps.

Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts,

the middle of our tummies

and the insides of our teeth!


A whole new level.

26 May

This weekend was pretty awesome. And it’s been a while since we could say that so let me pause a second so I can knock on wood.

OK, back.

Anyway, instead of going to the shore or taking a day trip, we stuck around, walked down the empty streets, soaked up the sun and enjoyed our fantastic friends.

In talking about our time, I realize that I haven’t yet completely¬† (or properly) introduced some central characters in our lives: Our next door neighbors.

I have referenced them a few times, like how they got me the nicest birthday gift and how they have been there for us through some very tough times. We just moved into our home 18 months ago, but it seems like our next door neighbors are life-long friends. They have two young girls, both a bit older than my daughter, and they make for excellent playmates/teachers/mother’s helpers.

Because I live in a sideways facing house, any time I am exiting or entering my home, my view is right at my neighbor’s house. And it’s awesome. We talk, we laugh, we joke, we tell each other what we are making for dinner, and often decide to just eat together. We get together for wine nights once the kids go to sleep. We sometimes do wine-fueled yoga (and sober yoga as well) and the husband and I sing in Fox and the Hounds together which has brought incredible joy to my life.

We, as families, share so much; beers at the bar, microphones, cook-outs, secrets, inside jokes, baked goods…they are the perfect neighbors and the reason why I never want to leave.

I liken it sometimes to being in college; they are just next door, so when I want to grab a beer or see one of them outside on a recliner, we can just get together on a whim. And it’s awesome.

This weekend we got a lot of time with our neighbors and friends, as we hosted a nice, old fashioned BBQ on Saturday, which ended up with some spontaneous Bocce playing in our backyard. Then the kids went to bed and the adults gathered in the living room, laughing at ridiculous and funny stories about everything from med school to making late-night frappucinos.

On Sunday evening, my husband went to the late night showing of X-Men (which explains this) with a group of guys (including our neighbor), but before my best friend, who dropped off her husband, drove away, she came up to my dark bedroom and hugged me. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Today we swam with them, our daughter’s god-parents, and they led her around the pool and cared for her so delicately, I felt so grateful. I always feel grateful for them. I am also grateful that they are letting me help them pick paint for their new home (see above).

And then tonight, things reached a whole new level.

We were invited next door for a BBQ. The food was excellent, and I licked several bones clean of incredible, big-green-egg-grilled ribs.

But it also allowed me to try something that I have been wanting to for awhile now:

Peeps S’mores.


I am going to go ahead and boast (as I have been all night) that I am genius for this invention.

The sugar from the Peeps caramelizes, making for a crunchy outside with a gooier than normal inside marshmallow.

They are insane.

This was my first go at it

photo-9And because they’re amazing and smart and adorable, the girls drew sidewalk chalk pictures of me eating the s’mores. How can it get better than that?

photo 1-4

photo 2-3We joke that they consider me half grown-up/half playmate, because I do things like offer to let them chalk my hair, sing duets and,


make S’mores out of Peeps.

So, my neighbors and my best friends are wonderful, which led to a much needed weekend of fun and food and togetherness.

And as far as Peeps go, I have the very best.

My peeps.

8 May

Just yesterday I talked about my amazing acts of loving kindness.

But I have to tell you, since I first shared my story about Postpartum Depression, I have been overwhelmed by thoughtful cards, notes, messages, gifts, offers and more.

I wish I could share each of them on here, as they all deserve to be recognized. Truly. And I will be sharing some more special things soon.

But for now I had to write about my peeps.

Through this experience, as I’ve said, I’ve learned to find the good in people, to eliminate those who do not wish me well and I’ve resigned myself ot the fact that I have really good peeps.

And then there are Peeps.

Weeks ago I put up a Facebook status about my strong desire for the Easter candy. I like them a lot and I like them stale. But I could not find them anywhere!

I said “I want all the Peeps”

And people came out of the woodwork, offering suggestions and sightings.

My husband went to the local drugstore at an off time.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 2.37.43 PM

So I have been going through Peeps by the package, and when I mean package, I mean I eat several packages a day. It is not good for my teeth, and probably not good for my insides, but I love them. Frozen. Stale. Perfection.

Well, just now, you can imagine my surprise when a package was dropped on my stoop. I wasn’t expecting anything; I’ve been put on a sort of a spending moratorium.


photo-9Peeps! Pink Peeps! I don’t have any pink!

And the most lovely note, from the mom of Go-Go (My bestie’s husband)’s mom, whom I got to know during their wedding festivities last summer.

She wrote me the most beautiful note, sending me strength and prayers, and and this inspiring book.

I am moved beyond words.

Thank you, Miss B. I am touched more than you could imagine.

I really have the best peeps.

And Peeps.

Acts of loving kindness.

7 May

When I was teaching older kids, I used to reward my students for acts of loving kindness; little things that I would observe that would recognize these children for their good deeds and generosity towards others.

Today, I would love to make an Acts of Loving Kindness Chart of my own.

In one day, I experienced four completely separate, but incredibly meaningful, acts of unexpected kindness. We will go chronologically:

1. This morning when I was going through my daughter’s backpack I found a little, perfectly wrapped package with my name on it. Inside was the perfect little gift to make me smile. A fox, from a former colleague and my daughter’s former teacher. She is the kindest soul, and I so appreciate that though I no longer work across the hall from her, we are still connected.

photo 1-4

2. I met my mom for a walk this morning after dropping my daughter off at school. My husband usually does drop-off, but had an appointment this morning, so I was up and out early and decided to take in some sunshine. We walked to the local market so that I could return a pack of bad cucumbers, but really, we caught up. We had so much to say, to fill each other in on, unbelievable, as I had literally slept under the same roof (and finished the same bottle of wine) as my mama just two days ago. As we walked she presented me with a sunglasses case. A fancy one. “Here,” she said. “Your sister wanted you to have these. Happy early Mother’s Day.” I have always loved my sister’s sunglasses and she felt that they weren’t right on her. So she gave them to me. I was so touched by this gesture. And I feel so lucky to have such a nice pair of sunglasses. I’m so fancy now.

photo 4-3

3. Today, after I picked up my daughter from school, I found that the baby was asleep in the carseat, so in order to capitalize on his nap time and also to kill some time I took her to the drive through for a vanilla ice cream and a stop at the new organic market. There I bought three items: A red pepper, a peppered goat cheese, and a goat gouda. I am not kidding. It didn’t seem weird until I typed it out just now, but seriously, how weird is that shop? When we got home the baby was up, I fed him an avocado, and tried to straighten up an untidy kitchen, unloading and reloading the dishwasher and wiping down countertops. In the middle of my cleaning my doorbell rang. I expected to see a solicitor or neighbor, but instead it was an old friend. My husband and my love story connection starts way, way back when my dog used to run away in his backyard, and this friend is someone who knew us both as young children, completely independently of one another. She is the mother of my son’s oldest and best friend. She was also the division leader at the overnight camp where I went for a summer and 5 days. I was homesick. I didn’t last. She talked me through many a teary time.

She stopped over today to drop off gifts for my kids, to catch up and to bestow upon me something that brought me to tears.

photo 2-6

I saw the word Live and I started to cry. I thought about my darkest hours. I thought about this past weekend. I was incredibly touched.

4. This evening, I opened a package sent to us from our Boston Besties. They wanted to cheer us up; to make us feel loved; to distract us.

Twin and Go Go sent us the best, sweetest (literally) care package.

photo 3-3

I mean it when I say it made us truly feel cared for.

This time in my life has taught me so much. It has given me great perspective. During this time I have lost friends. I have become infinitely closer to others. It has helped to restore my faith in people, when it was almost all but gone.

Just today I was gifted with four acts of loving kindness.

And tomorrow I will make it my mission to perform acts of loving kindness to others.

Because I want to keep believing that people are good. That the world, even though sometimes strange and scary and sad, is beautiful.

And there is no better way to do that than shining from the inside out.