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Here comes the comeback kid…

7 Apr

Today, in the words of  my  most favorite, Brett Dennen, I felt as if “I’d never been laid so low”.

That may be a bit hyperbolic, but I was definitely feeling low; I got an unexpected putdown that kind of knocked the wind out of me.

And it’s been hard.

But I had to keep on living, and doing and fighting and being there for my family.

So just now, I was cleaning up the playroom, which was an absolute disaster after we had a Friday night late-night-neighborhood play-date, and I was putting away a bunch of Barbies into their special container when I spotted this:

photo-22A feather, in a place it just wasn’t supposed to be.

And that, and some loving and supportive words from family and friends have made me feel like I can come back.

So, Here comes the comeback

the kid is back

 back on track.

Everybody body loves a comeback.