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5 Mar

This morning my heart is overflowing. I don’t know how to begin.

Last night, my husband and I hosted a political fundraiser for a friend who is running for State Representative in the area.

It was our first time hosting such an event, and it was incredibly special.

It was also the debut of…wait for it…my new band. I have the privilege of singing in a band with two incredibly at talented musicians, one on either side of me. They have given me something so happy in a time in my life when happiness was sometimes hard to find.

We performed our first ever gig. And I’d say we did a pretty good job. After our set, my dad pulled me aside and said, “Look at where you were two months ago. Look at how far you have come.”

photo (94)

This morning, as I clean up the discarded party hats and noisemakers, I can’t contain my feelings of gratitude. This past week has been overwhelming, to say the least. Thank you to each and every one of you for reaching out to me, for reading my story, for taking the time out of your day to empathize with me, and for those of you who reached out to me, each message so filled with love. I am so very grateful.

photo (95)A very special friend came last night to hear me sing. We call each other soul sisters. And she brought me tulips. She is a beautiful gardener.

photo 1

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

-Marcel Proust

photo 2

I look at these tulips and think of new life. I think of where I’ve been and where I hope to go. I think of the start of spring. I think of sunnier days ahead. I think that my soul will continue to blossom and I think of the gratitude I have for the love I have found.

I think of the signed Brett Dennen Album hanging in my hallway, and the inscription inside: “This album is dedicated to those who might have lost their way but found it again from within.”
I am starting to find my way.

With love, gratitude and tomorrows,




Amazing things.

4 Jan

Lately, it feels as if my daughter is doing new, amazing things every day. Every hour.

Whether it is a new word or expression,

a new number she is able to count to,

a new connection she’s made or memory she has conjured and expressed,

I am finding myself constantly in awe of her and the speed at which she is learning and growing.

And changing.

I have been trying to think of a way to share some of her most recent “moments o’ wonder”, but it would be a really, really long post.

And as much as you love my kid, I don’t think you have two hours to spare, reading about her newest dance move, involving a funny, back-and-forth head bob and right foot stomp.

So, while I have about 80 grillion cutie cutes to share with you, I will instead share with you the most amazing thing that she did…

in the last five minutes.

Let me set the scene:

My little girl has gotten really into music. She loves everything from folk to alternative to Motown and R&B, and so family dance parties have become a part of our daily routine. They are pretty epic. And her new favorite thing is to dance around while holding our “henties”, the Yiddish word for “hands” that we use in our family.

She loves to twist to Brett Dennen holding my henties.

She loves to slow dance to Al Green with her daddy, holding his henties.

She especially loves to rock out to Cee Lo holding Lola’s henties.

We all hold henties, we dance like maniacs until we can’t breathe,

and then we dance a little more.

And so, five minutes ago, as I read my baby her pre-nap bedtime story,

That’s Not My Snowman,

she came to the page where the Snowman held up his hands, covered in mittens that were too fuzzy.

And she put her palms on each of his hands and said,

“Snowman? Henties!” and began to dance with the snowman in the book.

And I keeled over with cuteness overload.

So yeah, my daughter, dancing with the snowman in her book….most amazing moment of the last five minutes.

And, just because you asked

(or, you know, you would if you could…)

I will also be a dear and give you the second most amazing moment of the last five minutes.


Baby is back….baby!

2 Dec

Why, hello there! Yes! It’s me! I’m back! Remember me? I first wrote to you one, whole long year ago. Yes, it’s me! I’m back! HEELLLOOO!

So let me just begin by getting a few important things out of the way:

One, I am no longer a baby. I am a big girl. See how much more eloquently I can express myself now? See? Told-jya-so. I am a week shy of 20 months old. That makes me big. How big am I? Sooooo big!

Second, thanks so much for sticking around! When I first introduced myself last Thanksgiving, back when I was ever so small, immobile and hairless, I never could have dreamed that you’d hang around here, checking in on me, for all this time. Well, I’m just tickled. Thank you, thank you!

Now that we are all on the same page here, let’s talk turkey. Literally.

Since my last note occurred as a Thanksgiving recap, I figured that it would only be appropriate to do the same this year. So, here goes:

Thanksgiving this year was so wonderful. I was the belle of the ball (if I do say so myself).

What I wore:

Purple Tunic dress, Janie and Jack

Argyle tights, Janie and Jack

Knit cardigan, handmade for me by my Great-Aunt

Sparkly shoes, I don’t remember where they are from, but probably from a fairy, because they’re extra sparkly.

Because it was a holiday, I broke from my usual flashy, tie-dye, pink and glittery style of dress, and opted, instead, for a more conservative, polished look. With my glasses, daddy said I looked “Librarian chic”. I don’t know what that means, but it probably means I was the cutest girl ever. 

While many things about this Thanksgiving were the same as last year (my whole family, gathered around the fire, gathered around me), I was like a whole new gal. For one thing, whereas last year I was just learning to sit up on my own, and my biggest trick was giving kisses to my toys, I now am a bona fide member of the family; I walk, I talk, I joke, I laugh, I smile, I sing…like I said, life of the party, I am.

In fact, speaking of singing, music has become one of my very favorite things. I love to listen to music, to drum along with my favorite tunes, to sing the many songs I’ve memorized and, of course, to dance. I can’t get enough of my music. Right now, my favorite songs are Oasis’ “Wonderwall”, Brett Dennen’s “Sydney (I’ll Come Running)”, “Rainbow Connection”, an a cappella version of Taio Cruz “Dynamite” and “How Much is that Doggie in the Window?”

I’ll totally make you a mix tape, if you’d like.

I had a great time singing for my family, and they had an equally great time challenging me to “Name that Tune”. All they had to do was sing one line, or even a few words, from one of my favorite songs, and I could call out the name instantly. Daddy thinks I am going to be a musician. Like my Mama.

The highlight of Thanksgiving was definitely the meal. It was so nice to have teeth this year! It’s amazing what a few canines can do for a gal. I tried so many delicoius treats, making sure to shout, “MMMMM, NUMMY!” after each bite, fore everyone to hear. My favorite was the apple sauce; In fact, I liked it so much, that I made sure to get plenty of it all over my dress, just so I’d have it to snack on later.

When we went around the table, each of my family members explaining why and how they felt thankful, it made me feel so proud to hear so many people mention my name.

I love them all, too.

When it was my turn, I kept it short and sweet, just saying, “Thank You.” Everyone must have liked my brevity, because they clapped and cheered. What can I say? I know how to win over a crowd.

After dinner I played piano with mommy, snuggled up with my Aunt and Uncle and chased after my cousins’ doggie. It’s a tough job, but somebody has got to do it.

Well, thanks for letting me recap my night for you. It’s been swell! It’s so nice, now that I can talk in sentences, and all. That reminds me, I had my first four word sentence, just this afternoon. “I draw a penguin,” I said. And I did. I should mention, drawing has become my other very favorite pastime. Mommy thinks I’m going to be an artist. Like my Daddy.

To be honest, I’m not yet sure what, or who, I am going to be. All I know is this: I like being sweet. I like making nice to my mommy, rubbing her softly and gently with my little hands and kissing her, as many times as I can, every single day. I like laying my head down and burying it into my daddy’s chest, and saying “Love you, dada.” So I will keep doing those things, whether I’m a cartoonist or a cappella singer or designer of the sparkliest of sparkly shoes.

And I promise to try to keep you updated, along the way. Now that I can talk, and all, I will try to stop by here more often. If you’ll have me, that is. So in the meantime, I hope that you enjoyed a holiday as wonderful as mine. Again, I say “Thank You.” Short, sweet, and I mean every ounce of it.

As I love to say, “MWA!”,

Big Girl, Ever After