Some real perspective.

5 Dec

Hello! Broadcasting live from yet ANOTHER sick day at our house, with both kids home, coughing and sneezing.

Some folks might get frustrated that their plans (large and small) have to change for another day, so that they may look after their snotty offspring.

But oh no.

Not here.

I feel lucky to be here, still in my pajamas pants after noon, attempting to get my son to watch something other than The Real Housewives for five minutes so that I can put my hair in a ponytail.

Because, you see, had I not been here I would have missed my son,

walking, on his own (!!!)

to the toilet, and put my dental floss in the water. And then licking it.

photo 1-11

And I would have missed him stealing my phone, sliding down the stairs at warp speed, only to do some redecorating of my console table.

photo 2-9

And, it certainly would have been an utter tragedy to have missed my son trying to ride Lola.


So what I am saying, is that I am truly blessed with my sick day in…

but I am out of dental floss.


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