No good feed goes unpunished.

1 Dec

As the old saying implies, you try to do something good, and it just ends up…

not being so good.

Today I made myself a kale smoothie.

Like a salad in a cup!

This came about after a few recent conversations;

1. A friend and I were emailing back and forth and he was like,
“So, what are you up to?”

and I was like, “I am just eating a handful of E.L. Fudge cookies, what’s up?”

and he went on to tell me about the rigorous workout he had completed that morning, the healthy, balanced dinner he had made and the clementines he was eating for dessert.

2. My cousin, who is has really become an expert in food and nutrition, sent me home after thanksgiving with a baggie filled with things like bars made out of dates and a mango from somewhere like Peru (or Portugal?).

And some other things.

So today, after I ate my soft pretzel and brownie, I decided to go for it; I was going to nourish my body with healthy things like fruits and vegetables, after an embarrassingly long hiatus.

And I was proud. I texted several friends and even put the photo on Instagram.

And it didn’t matter that it tasted like I was drinking a salad, I was drinking it…

drinking it while playing with my sun in the sunroom filled with toys…

and when I was 3/4 of the way finished, I went and knocked the entire, green smoothie into his giant wicker basket of toys.

Plush. Costumes. Electronics. Tiny crevasses.

photo 3-2

And Chloe. Oh no. Not Chloe.

Do you see all of those toys down there? Yeah, them. They all got covered in pulverized kale.


photo 2-8

So, I guess I’ve learned my lesson: Stick with the sandwich cookies and brownies, at least for the time being.

Goodbye, Sofia the First Karaoke Machine. I think I’ll miss you most of all.


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