“I wanted love. I needed love. Most of all.” Well, that and warmth.

19 Nov

This morning was bitter cold once again. I had to drive my daughter to school, which meant I had to bring the baby along, which meant a lot of bundling.

For me, it was a cashmere sweater, topped with a huge cardigan under my parka.

For the baby it was a long sleeve shirt, courds, a sweater, a winter coat and warm socks.

For the girl it meant a tank, long sleeved shirt, sweater, socks, Uggs, hat, scarf and my gloves (so she looks slightly like a bag lady, but she looks extremely cute, so please don’t take my former comment as anything but a compliment to bag ladies).

But when we got into the car, despite I put the heat on at Max High,

the thermometer read 22 degrees.

It was freakin’ cold.

So, really, there was only one thing to do.

“Pick a song!” I smiled slyly my daughter.

She returned the grin. “Tighten Up” she replied.

“You know the best way to warm up, baby? A dance party.”

And so we did.

And then, every single part of me was warm.

[*Editor’s Note: This post was originally published with the official Black Keys music video for “Tighten Up”; however, I deemed their screen shot to be inappropriate, so rock out to this version with the lyrics instead.]


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