Fortune Telling.

18 Nov

Do you ever will things to happen?

My husband and I do this with TV shows and movies sometimes; it has kind of become a thing and he is definitely the master. You know, you think of a movie that you would really like to watch and then BAM it is on the guide the next day?

(By the way, I distinctly remember the first time that this happened to me; I was in my old house, so I must have been younger than 10, and I was yearning for the weird episode of Saved by the Bell with the fake murder mystery when Lisa Turtle is “kidnapped” but is actually behind a hidden door in the fireplace and they find her lipstick on the glass and I can’t remember many more details, but do you know the one? Not five minutes after I wished for it, it was on.)

Sometimes it’s a totally subconscious thing. I will hum a song while driving alone in my car and then it will come on the radio a minute later.

But other times, I purposely will things; I try to be all crafty with the universe.

Like with my Chinese food at this Sunday night’s dinner.

Because of my ongoing jaw issue (which I am now seeing a jaw chiropractor for) I can only eat really soft foods. That meant that my dinner consisted of steamed dumplings, plain lo mein noodles and rice. Not that I’m complaining.

But even though I couldn’t eat the fortune cookie, my husband and I have a tradition of handing one to the other person and opening the one that has been handed to us.

And I said out loud, on purpose, “Fortunes have gotten so lame lately. They are all like “You have an aptitude for doing business internationally” which isn’t even a fortune and it isn’t even true.”

And he agreed, as we cracked open the cookies, one-handed.

Secretly, though, I was hoping that these fortunes would be different. I just had this feeling that if I insulted the fortunes, somehow good fortunes would manifest to say, “Ha! You are wrong! We are prophetic and wise!”

And wouldn’t you know, this is what we got:


Oh, hello, two dead on fortunes.

And just like the weird Saved by the Bell episode, I willed my cookies to give me just what I needed.

And perhaps one would even say I have an aptitude for such a thing…

but definitely not for international business.


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