Go Fish.

16 Nov

I have been writing on this site for almost four and a half years now,

chronicling my life,

current events,


ups and downs,

as a way to both keep a diary for myself,

and, more recently, to help others.

I write about a lot of things on here. I write the things that some people are scared to say. I write about what hurts.

I write so many words…

But there are some things that are too big for words.

This weekend my Grandparents, Mommom and Poppop, came to visit my kids. Here how it went:

I spoke to Mommom at 10am

“I am just going to put the baby down for a nap in a half an hour. I will call you as soon as he wakes up and you can come over.”

“Okay, great. We are dying to see the kiddies.”

An hour later…

Call from Mommom.

A half an hour after that…

Call from Mommom.

Finally, when the baby woke, I called her back.

“I told you I would call you as soon as he woke up! I would never forget to call you back!”

“I know, but I was just so excited to see them I couldn’t wait.”

And that’s how it goes. Mommom lives by her own rules, but she also sets the bar so high that it is almost hard to describe.

When my Grandparents arrived not 10 minutes later they came with a bag. Inside the bag was the following:

Green Italian Leaf cookies for me.

Alphabet noodles for the kids.

Homemade soup.

Pill bottles filled with beans that had been glued shut for my danger loving son. (Along with remotes, iPhones, knives and toilets, the baby also loves pill bottles. Not any surprise.)

A packet of cards for “Go Fish”.

It was a care package at it’s finest, because it really did show care. Because she listens when I’m on the phone with her and I shout to my son “No no no! Put down mommy’s medicine bottle!” (Just for the record, all of my medicines are kept in a box with a secure clip and closed with child safety lids. He’s just a crafty little devil.)

And do you remember that day last week when my daughter fell ill? Mommom remembered when I said I liked those green leaf cookies from the local deli when she ran in for Matzoh Ball Soup.

And she’s excited that my daughter is beginning to read, hence the letters noodles.

And she is teaching her how to play a favorite card game, just like she taught me when I was her age.

I remember so vividly being on the front porch at our beach house. We would sit, the cool ocean breeze filling our noses with salt air, and drink Lipton instant iced tea and play “Go Fish” and “War” over and over and over again. Then, she would make me a turkey and cheese sandwich on a kaiser roll and we would switch to the back deck and play some more.

Watching my daughter and my grandmother playing this game together today rendered me speechless.

My children are so fortunate to have great-grandparents, who are not just great-grandparents by name, but they are also great.

So Mommom, since I know you read this, even though you don’t have any clue what a blog is:

You may annoy me by telling me what to do,

or call incessantly, even when I tell you that I will call you,

but you also love us with every ounce of your being, and for that I am so grateful.

You are the one to drop groceries at our front door “just because”; you are the one who I can call 24 hours a day if I need you;

And you are the one who every single person whom you meet declares to be “just fabulous”, as you are chic as can be, and are on a first name basis with the people at Saks, Neimans and Mr. Louboutin (A friend texted me from the department store to say that she was serendipitously shoe shopping with my grandmother and heard her saying, “Yeah, I like the ones with the red bottoms.”)

So if life were a simple card game, and I needed a card for the most loving grandmother, then I have fished my wish.

I love you.



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