Everybody’s on the food chain, funny, but from day to day we get from bottom to top. And if you get lost, just start over again…

12 Jul

Music is such a big part of my being.

Last night, my new band had it’s first big gig. Two guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, and a microphone for me to sing into. It was exhilarating.

I got to dance in wedge heels and belt out tunes from John Pryne and Led Zeppelin and Sublime and be awed, as I always am, by my band mates.

I like them, too. I like them a lot.

So this morning, my husband let me go back to bed, and I woke up and decided it was high time for a dance party with my kids.

I put on a song for my daughter that I found buried in the depths of my iphone, “Food Chain” by Eric Hutchinson. Such a random song, right?

But this song has it’s own story in my soundtrack;

I was 22, and it was the spring before my wedding.

I was in graduate school, which meant I had a ton of free time on my hands.

I remember having this old ipod and sitting on the back patio of my parents’ house,

with a big bowl of grapes

(and, let’s be real, sometimes a glass of Sauv Blanc)

listening to this song.

It was a momentous time in my life; I was about to take le big plunge,

and despite the fact that it was a time when I was about to mark a huge milestone

it was also a time when I felt so young. And free.

So this morning, much older, with things like kids and a house and (and a rock band)

I put this song on and danced around my sunroom and remembered the past and felt grateful for the present.

My dear friend keeps reminding me to do this, and it is a wonderful, wonderful reminder.

Must go–

I have some Jackson Five to dance the heck out of with a certain four year old. Present. It’s a gift.


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