High/Low High.

26 Jun

So, this morning was pretty kick ass.

When my husband was in first grade, he wrote a short story about getting locked in Disney World when the park was empty and all of the rides were at his disposal…

and that was kind of what it was like today, except I was locked in H&M for our news segment,

before the mall was open to the public,

with my amazing, fun, funny, spirited and talented girlfriends, who have become dear friends,

with the entire store at our disposal.

It was insanely awesome.

Since the story was based on recreating the Instagram and Twitter looks featured on celebrities for a fraction of the cost, we all got into character.

Some of us even got into electrical tape and cat ears.


photo 2-5And what was even more miraculous than the empty store filled with awesomeness

was that these women were the most supportive, loving, cheerleading group you could ever imagine.

One of the girls put wax on a frizzy part of my hair; we shared lip gloss, laughed about stretch marks and tucked in each others’ tags; we told each other how beautiful we felt that each of the girls looked. We meant it.

photo 1-9We are all moms, not models. But for a morning, we got to put down the baby and pick up the steamer, curling iron, BB cream and a little sass.

photo 3-2I won’t soon forget the feeling of walking through an empty, unlit mall, of giggling behind velvet dressing room curtains,

of marveling at my dear friend Cara’s poise and grace…

but the bonds I have with these girls,

the soul connections,

are more beautiful than anything else I could ever imagine.

)To check out the segment, visit My Fox Philly.)


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