31 May

For some time now, K and I have been leaving notes for each other in the same word document on the computer every night for each of us to wake up or come home to or find. It is romantic, it is tender, it is intimate and it is organic. We are finding ourselves again, and, just as importantly, finding each other.
It started out as nothing; I was going to bed earlier than he, and he was downstairs having a guy’s night. Instead of sending him a text, I decided to leave a word document open on the computer with a quick note. And has turned into something more. And then, he wrote back.

I love you so much,
You are my constant sunray,
This is a haiku…☺

As I’ve said, for the past six years, Kenny has been my husband; for the past six months, he has been my hero. He has held me up, he has championed for me, for our family. He has loved me through times that were gruesome and horrifying. He has loved me when I have told him not to.
Kenny and I met so young; we grew up together. And in the past six months, we have grown closer than we could have imagined. When I think back to being kids, tracing love letters in the sand at the Jersey shore, I could not have imagined the team that we would create; how we can read each others’ mind with just a glance; how we, so often, buy each other the very same greeting card; how he knows that I prefer a bag of scones or a large soft pretzel over flowers, as a gesture of romance; how he has seen my darkest underbelly and loves me not just in spite of it, but because of it.
So many years ago we agreed to a baby’s name, and to a family, and to a life. Six years ago, we agreed, with marriage vows, to stay together through the highs and lows. But now, every single day, with every morning that we wake up next to each other, we agree to continue fighting, for ourselves, for our family and for each other.
Recently, we downsized from a King to a Queen sized bed. We wanted to show our emotional closeness in a physical way. And now, I feel so lucky that I can role over to my left each morning and see the boy I have a crush on, as he snores softly in slumber, and know that he is forever mine.

My dear K-I love that you
Sometimes do
An improper Haiku.
So you know
This was not suppo’
Sed to be a haiku
But I love you,
Through and through.



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