strength and symbols and superstitions and salt.

23 May

It’s all about the little things; that’s what I’ve learned.


There are some things that are up in the air right now, and we are in a time where we feel a little unsettled. Part of this is obvious and tangible; we have a POD with the entire contents of our flooded basement taking up half of our driveway–but there are also other things, harder to pinpoint, that we are trying to work through. My husband woke up at 2am and could not go back to sleep, his mind was racing so.

So today, I thought that a little extra support in the form of my strength symbol was necessary.

photo 1-3


My family is extremely superstitious. We have our things. We don’t walk over the legs of another person. We don’t put shoes on a table. And my dad wears a rubber band on his wrist for good luck. Today my daughter found one and gave it to me. I’ll take it, I say.

photo 2-2***

I got to spend a little time with one of my favorite people today. She reminded me to count my blessings. She reminded me to say, “I want a life that’s good.”

photo 3-1


With some things up in the air, I turned to one of my dad’s oldest superstitions of sorts: salt. He has always thrown salt over his shoulder as a way to symbolize things going in the direction that they should.

I did this today.

photo 4***

I found a feather today, in an unexpected place, at an unexpected time. My strength symbol. I did not take it for granted.

photo 5-1***

It’s the little things. The little things make all the difference.

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