My peeps.

8 May

Just yesterday I talked about my amazing acts of loving kindness.

But I have to tell you, since I first shared my story about Postpartum Depression, I have been overwhelmed by thoughtful cards, notes, messages, gifts, offers and more.

I wish I could share each of them on here, as they all deserve to be recognized. Truly. And I will be sharing some more special things soon.

But for now I had to write about my peeps.

Through this experience, as I’ve said, I’ve learned to find the good in people, to eliminate those who do not wish me well and I’ve resigned myself ot the fact that I have really good peeps.

And then there are Peeps.

Weeks ago I put up a Facebook status about my strong desire for the Easter candy. I like them a lot and I like them stale. But I could not find them anywhere!

I said “I want all the Peeps”

And people came out of the woodwork, offering suggestions and sightings.

My husband went to the local drugstore at an off time.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 2.37.43 PM

So I have been going through Peeps by the package, and when I mean package, I mean I eat several packages a day. It is not good for my teeth, and probably not good for my insides, but I love them. Frozen. Stale. Perfection.

Well, just now, you can imagine my surprise when a package was dropped on my stoop. I wasn’t expecting anything; I’ve been put on a sort of a spending moratorium.


photo-9Peeps! Pink Peeps! I don’t have any pink!

And the most lovely note, from the mom of Go-Go (My bestie’s husband)’s mom, whom I got to know during their wedding festivities last summer.

She wrote me the most beautiful note, sending me strength and prayers, and and this inspiring book.

I am moved beyond words.

Thank you, Miss B. I am touched more than you could imagine.

I really have the best peeps.

And Peeps.


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