“Paint the Rain”, a snapshot .

29 Apr

One category that I have not written much in as of late is Teacher Mama.

That is because for this academic year my primary job is working in the home.

I will resume teaching in June, and I am so excited to do so, but I do miss my kids and the special moments that they provide.

Today, when my daughter got into my car at pick-up for our favorite part of the day, she said, “Mommy, maybe we can do a rainy day activity?”

And instantly a snapshot appeared in my mind:

It was two years ago, and my daughter was in my class of New Twos. There were seven kids total that dayand I was working with a woman who became a dear friend; family, really.

It was a gray, rainy day, and the kids were getting a bit stir crazy.

So we told them to look out the window. To watch the rain as it fell and pelted the cement play area outside of our classroom.

We carefully covered each child in a smock and then covered the tables in paper and gave them paint in shades of blues and grays and white.

And we told them to paint the rain.

I will never, ever forget watching these children, as they watched the world, shouting “Paint the rain, baby!” as some kind of chorus.

So today, as I’m home with my kids, that is what we will do. We will paint the rain.


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