I guess I named her well.

3 Apr

Last night my daughter decided to dress as the Disney Princess  for whom she was named

wearing an old Halloween costume…

from when she was six months old.

Now,  my daughter is amazing; she is an old soul, so precocious and astute;

But man, is she stubborn. And insists on method acting.

So if she is playing Peter Pan, I am Wendy. And if I mistakenly refer to her by her name, she freaks out.

I describe it, sometimes, as living with a terrorist.

My husband says he does not negotiate with terrorists. I do. A little bit. Because besides being smart and witty and creative

she’s so darn cute.

But in any case, here she is, sleep in her eyes, cuddled up next to me, in a size 6 month sized Princess Belle dress.

The terrorist has won this battle; here’s hoping I win the war.

Ahhhh parenthood.


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