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I like it.

28 Feb

Tonight, I a friend shared this on my Facebook.

1920521_585217398236920_541324200_nAnd I like it (and her) a whole darn lot.


Today I realize

28 Feb

that I could use a bit of strength.

photo (88)So I am arming myself accordingly.


A very feathered surprise.

27 Feb

(originally published on 511)

What’s better than having a strength symbol in your home?

MANY strength symbols. More feathers!!

So while our kiddo bathroom is slowly transforming into a bird sanctuary (with the peacock rug and birdcage light fixture)

I have decided to add some very feathered wall paper to a surprise spot in our home.

It looks a bit like this…


and where it goes…

you’ll just have to stay tuned.

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Show a Little Faith…

27 Feb

I woke up singing this song. I think my strength symbols are reminding me during this big, emotional week.

Give it a listen. Hopefully it is a peaceful way for you to start your day. With strength,

Love, Becca (and Superman)

From the wisdom of SATC,

26 Feb

my perpetual fave,


“Eventually all the pieces fall into place….until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moment, and know that everything happens for a reason”~Carrie


26 Feb

This week has been something else. After Monday’s post and my revelation about Postpartum depression, and the incredible, humbling, astounding outpouring of support, I’m a bit overwhelmed, to say the least.

And then my mom just came over. And gave me this card. And reminded me of something so important. Why I’m here.

photo (85)

My Daughter.

26 Feb

This morning, as I watched my daughter dance on her big bed, swathed in velvet and adorned in a jeweled headband, I was brought back to a time when I wrote about her as my daughter and could not fathom loving her any more.

Now there is so much more to love; now she tells me that she can’t stop loving me; that I make her whole. And oh does she glow.

You are my daughter

originally published in March of 2011

You are my daughter.

You whispered to me in my dreams

and said “Mama, I will know you. I will show you how big your heart can grow.”

long before we ever met.

You grew inside of me,

deep within my center

and in my heart

and I felt you dancing

and knew you, even then.

And then, I held you,

my baby bird,

and when you looked at me with those almond shaped eyes,

and opened your tiny, bow mouth,

we became tied.

We became a love story.

And you’ve grown.

Oh, how you’ve grown so beautiful.

Small, graceful hands,

made perfect for making nice.

Skin I want to live in.

And I stare at that face.

That face. That face. That face.

Your face.

That face of yours

that brings me to my knees.

When I look down at your sleeping face,

that leathery whip of black lashes,

the sharp chin carved from marble,

the colored cheeks and nose like a tiny clover

you are so breathtaking, my dear.

But, the beauty of your face is only second to that of your heart.

Your heart gives off light.

Sweet girl, you glow.

You share the sweetest of kisses.

You look me right in the eyes,

little bird.

You echo my own voice when I tell you how I love you.

You are my daughter,

my love,

and yes,

you’ve shown me how big my heart can grow.

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