Some folks.

8 Dec

This is the story of some folks.

You see, during times of great change or excitement, some folks handle their feelings (of being anxious, overwhelmed, excited, ill-prepared) by doing things like making lists, crafting spreadsheets,

seeking therapy

or running Marathons.

Some folks, when faced with an upcoming vacation and big move

that just so happen to be happening back to back

(like back2back. There isn’t even enough room between the vacation and move to justify hitting the space bar.)

do things like making checklists,


planning and packing.

And some folks,

some other folks…

do this.

nail polish paint strips photo doc

Agonizing over colors. Colors of things like future vacation nails and future house walls.

So the moral of this story is this:

Some folks are sensible, organized, calm and cool.

Some folks have perspective.

Some folks are decisive and deliberate and maybe even (appropriately) drugged.

And others,

well, others,

are yours truly.

(or as I am now known on the street, “White Diamond or Iced Cube Gray?!?!”)

The end.

Five Minutes Later…

I think I’m going with White Diamond. But check back with me tomorrow.



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