Who else but that baby sis

14 Jun

will send a late night email, headed “THREE VERY IMPORTANT THINGS!!”

that details three separate accounts of the goings-on of some of our favorite Bravo-lebrities and Bloggers?!(!?!?)

It should also be noted that:

This morning, we planned her future wedding song,

talked about the Sex and the City re-run that we had both, coincidentally, just re-watched

and came up with the menu for the Father’s Day Brunch Feast we will be cooking together on Sunday morning.

(Oh! And I also found a card that she wrote to me over three years ago that said, “Happy Mother’s Day to a (Soon-to-be) Mother-to-Be (Knock wood)”. She knew how much I wanted to be a mama, then. And she acknowledged it. And honored it. Perfectly. And I found that card, today. And she was right. The very next Mother’s Day I spent with my sister…and my daughter.)

All that and we managed to do our day jobs. We’re really something, now, aren’t we?

Oh, and sisty, I love you, so!


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