On Peace.

4 Jun

This afternoon, on a walk down our street, my daughter held her two fingers in the air

(as she has been known to do)

and said, “Peace, man.”

To whom, I don’t know. I like to think it was to every man. But that’s just me.

And her gesture got me thinking about words

and concepts

like peace

and equality

and how I will teach these things to my little member of the future.

And what a coincidence it is that this very month last year

I attempted my very first lesson to her.

Remember this?

She may not,

but I always will.

As my daughter’s baby steps have turned into confident strides,

I hope that our country-

our world-

will follow her lead.

For if she can hold up her hands and wish for peace,

why the heck can’t everyone else?




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