Time may change me…

14 May

So, rock ‘n’ rollers,

do you hear it?

…the sound of us making some ch-ch-changes, yet again.

And while I’m so happy about all of the new and exciting opportunities being afforded to us,

they also make me nervous.

(The audible “it” I mentioned above could also be a reference to the sound of my jaw clenching at night. My dentist just told me that I’m gritting my teeth as I sleep, a sign of stress. I know this is a lot of information to be sharing, but I figure, I’ve shown you the inside of my bathroom cabinet, so there’s kind of no turning back from there.)

So, I think I am writing this to remind myself of the changes I’ve faced (nervously!) in the past. They have all turned out OK. I suck at change, but, as a date once told me, “If it’s not new, it’s through”, so I’m going to turn, face this “strange”, and try to embrace is as much as I can.

And thank you for being here for me along the way.

And by you, I mean David Bowie.


oh and p.s. No, I’m NOT pregnant. Don’t get it twisted.


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