With all of the things I worry about…

23 Feb

Last week in school, my daughter’s class shared the indoor play area with the Pre-K. I was so tickled to see many of the older girls fawning over my daughter, as they held her hand and walked her around, pushed her in a play car and even taught her some of their games.

But my daughter, fearless and determined, wanted to hula hoop. So, she marched over to one of the little five-year-old boys and grabbed his hoop. And he was happy to share. He let her get it in with him and helped her to try to figure it out.

And this whole thing made me smile.

And then, yesterday came, and my daughter and I had to walk through that same Pre-K classroom in order to get to the playground.

And when the little boy spotted us, he ran in our direction.

“Hey,” he called to me,

eager to get my attention.

“Is she old enough to Skype?”

This five year old was asking me if he could video chat with my daughter.

So, with all the things I worry about,

all of the things that keep me up at night and give me bouts of The Cray,

I never expected that having to ward off older boys from my 22 month old

would be one of them.


One Response to “With all of the things I worry about…”

  1. appledumplingsandfriends February 23, 2012 at 7:04 pm #

    Oh my gosh!!! Well….I guess some of my preschoolers have friended me on facebook!?!

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