Somethings (and #febphotoaday/16)

16 Feb

16. Something New

On May 31, 2008,

as the saxophone played,

I held onto my dad’s arm

and walked, down a peony-lined runner, towards my forever.

I had something old,

a headpiece made of champagne and ivory seed pearls,

worn by my Nanny on her wedding day;

I had something borrowed,

the tiny, gold wedding band, that had been on my Mommom‘s own finger when she and my Poppop said their vows;

I had something blue,

a bracelet in honor of my Superhero;

and then I had Fancy shoes. Fancy new shoes.

And while they’ve now been worn,

and have scuffed soles

and loose threads,

and so many dance steps trailing behind them as distant memories,

they will always be my

something new.


2 Responses to “Somethings (and #febphotoaday/16)”

  1. Maureen February 16, 2012 at 8:32 pm #

    BEEEUUUTIFUL Kicks Becca!


  1. #febphotoaday/23 « mommy, ever after - February 23, 2012

    […] those sparkly jellies in the top spot? They were my other new somethings, the ones I wore after I became a Mrs, and needed to get down in some more practical boogie shoes. […]

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