Old and New.

10 Feb

Tonight, at sundown,  we said the Shehecheyanu, welcoming the promise of all that is new.

And you know I love the New.

But this week I have stumbled across some things,

some old things–

rich memories,


emotional souvenirs–

that have left me feeling breathless.

Not only have I stumbled upon these remembrances, but I’ve also come across the words I’ve used to save them.

And so, while they may not have the same power over you,

and while they may not make your heart race,

or hurt,

or swell,

perhaps they’ll, at the very least, tell you a little more of my story.

So, here are a few of my oldies,

the ones that have tugged at me,

and because while their memories may rest deep within me,

for you

they could be

nothing but



There’s Magic in the Night

“I Never Not Wanted It”

There’s No Place Like Home

A Time Out


Shabbat Shalom and may peace be with you.


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