Muchas Gracias

26 Jan

Just wanted to say thank you.

Thank you for the words of support this week, as I cared for our sick baby.

RSV is most certainly a Really Sucky Virus.

But, we have such a good team. We are so blessed. Thank you.

Thank you for the calls,

for the emails, sending well wishes and offers to come over and help.

Thank you for the texts and messages.

Thank you for the packages of M&Ms dropped off at our house,

for the bags of stickers,

for the care packages.

Thank you for checking in.

Thank you for the respiratory therapy  video (Puppet shows + A Capella? YES.)

Thank you for helping me at neb time,

by singing,

doing puppet shows,

by distracting, using every ounce of your powers.

Thank you for singing the Eagle’s Fight Song at the top of your lungs.

Thank you for juggling.

Thank you for snuggling.

Thank you, to our parents, our grandparents, our friends.

Our doctors.

Our team.

You have been wonderful.

Baby is a bit better today. This RSV thing is a long road, but I thank goodness

and our angels

that things seem to be looking up.

Oh, and did I mention

today, as I pulled in from our Pediatrician appointment, on the car console by the baby

there was the tiniest little feather? That helped me to breathe.

So thank you, or, as the baby began saying this morning, Gracias.

Go team!



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