Party like a rock star(?)

17 Jan

So, this just happened:

Me: “It’s almost April! We should start to think about baby’s 2nd birthday party. What should we do?”

Husband: “How about a 20’s flapper party?”

Me: “I LOVE it! What do we do? You know, besides dress as flappers?”

Husband: “Hmmm….How about a Pirates v. Ninjas party?”

Me: “No.”

Husband: “Spy party?”

Me: “Absolutely not.”

Husband: “We could do a ‘Legends of Formula 1 Racing’ party! That could be pretty cool!”

Me: “I don’t think we’re on the right track.”

(author’s note: Pun intended. I know.)

Husband: “Didn’t we have this conversation before?”

And he’s right. . He’s totally right.

And so, we continued:

Me: “I’m serious, though. Do you have any real ideas?”

Husband: “You didn’t like the Formula 1 idea?”

(author’s note: He was totally serious.)

Me: “Well, she loves music. How about something Rock ‘N Roll?

Husband: “Perfect. And we will set up a little area to the side where they can just trash everything, like they’re trashing a hotel room. And we can set up mini vodka bottles and fill them with water and pill bottles and fill them with pez so they can pretend to party like rock stars. This is great.”

Ahhh. So close.

Yet so





4 Responses to “Party like a rock star(?)”

  1. Sharla FeldscherFeldscher January 17, 2012 at 10:44 pm #

    I remember having a COME AS A ROCK STAR Party for either Amy or Hope, when they were, well, maybe 8 or 9 years old! …. You could have Bella’s Dance Party and have lots of music. That would be fun …. (Although, my niece had that when she was six!) Are you a little ahead of yourself? Good “listening” to your husband … he is SO clever! Happy almost-birthday! Keep us posted on your plans!

  2. kat January 18, 2012 at 12:50 pm #

    It’s been in the back of my mind that I need to think about M’s 2nd bday (May)!!! To go w/the rock & roll theme…SIL had a rock star bday for my nephew ( invites/accessories). He was taking a music class at the time and she hired the teacher to come and do a session for the kids. Nephew LOVED it!

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