The very best.

11 Jan

Listening to my husband, as he brags to his parents

and regales his friends

with tales of cuteness from our daughter’s school day

is one of the most joy-filled experiences imaginable…

…second only to the exquisite gift of witnessing these moments of cuteness firsthand.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,

but being a parent has made me a better teacher

and being a teacher has most certainly made me a more blessed parent.

My daughter now knows how to wear a backpack

and climb up the big slide

and clean up toys

and dance to the recorder

and use a bigger kid as a footstool.

Seriously, this whole school thing…it’s just the best. The very best.

Well, second only to the love I see in my husband’s eyes

as he wells up with tears

and talks about his little girl

and how proud he is of her…

for how she has grown up so much in just two days…

for how she dances…

for how she is so loved.

Oh, how proud I am to call them mine.


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