Amazing things.

4 Jan

Lately, it feels as if my daughter is doing new, amazing things every day. Every hour.

Whether it is a new word or expression,

a new number she is able to count to,

a new connection she’s made or memory she has conjured and expressed,

I am finding myself constantly in awe of her and the speed at which she is learning and growing.

And changing.

I have been trying to think of a way to share some of her most recent “moments o’ wonder”, but it would be a really, really long post.

And as much as you love my kid, I don’t think you have two hours to spare, reading about her newest dance move, involving a funny, back-and-forth head bob and right foot stomp.

So, while I have about 80 grillion cutie cutes to share with you, I will instead share with you the most amazing thing that she did…

in the last five minutes.

Let me set the scene:

My little girl has gotten really into music. She loves everything from folk to alternative to Motown and R&B, and so family dance parties have become a part of our daily routine. They are pretty epic. And her new favorite thing is to dance around while holding our “henties”, the Yiddish word for “hands” that we use in our family.

She loves to twist to Brett Dennen holding my henties.

She loves to slow dance to Al Green with her daddy, holding his henties.

She especially loves to rock out to Cee Lo holding Lola’s henties.

We all hold henties, we dance like maniacs until we can’t breathe,

and then we dance a little more.

And so, five minutes ago, as I read my baby her pre-nap bedtime story,

That’s Not My Snowman,

she came to the page where the Snowman held up his hands, covered in mittens that were too fuzzy.

And she put her palms on each of his hands and said,

“Snowman? Henties!” and began to dance with the snowman in the book.

And I keeled over with cuteness overload.

So yeah, my daughter, dancing with the snowman in her book….most amazing moment of the last five minutes.

And, just because you asked

(or, you know, you would if you could…)

I will also be a dear and give you the second most amazing moment of the last five minutes.



2 Responses to “Amazing things.”

  1. kat January 5, 2012 at 2:02 pm #

    I could read about your little girl’s doings all day – b/c she’s the same age as my little one (also my only), and they do the same things! I always want to comment, since I see DD in your posts, but then you’d just be getting lots of “sooo cute…DD is doing that too”, or “DD did this…” If only I’d write these things down… 🙂

    • mommyeverafter January 5, 2012 at 9:18 pm #

      You are so sweet! I’d LOVE to read your comments and hear about your precious little one!!

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