I have to say,

13 Dec

that although I am in a land far, far away,

where my internet connection is limited to 36 seconds a day,

and my phone has not worked since Sunday,

and where the rum drinks flow like….

….you know….

I feel compelled to take the last 22 seconds of signal I have

to say

that at this moment,

for me,

happiness is

spending more hours in the ocean than on land,

sitting on a tall bar stool and sharing a virgin pina colada with my kid,

the smell of sun tan lotion and coconuts

and the taste of freshly caught fish

and sitting, huddled up, in a hot tub with 6 of the people I love the most in the world,

and mango beer at 3 in the afternoon

and watching my baby dance on a table

and chasing iguanas

and sleeping in the bed in which I got engaged

and having all family, all the time

and spicy food

and steel drums

and stolen kisses

and stories and memories that will keep me warm for many moments to come.

I don’t want this week to end.

Time, slow down, please,

for this is my happy place.

Happiness is here.

Here is love.


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