Sweet(est) 18.

18 Oct

Happy 18 Month Birthday,

to the sweetest, funniest, most radiant little girl I’ve ever known;

to my best friend.

And let me just say, I hope that we can spend every half birthday sitting together

on the kitchen floor

eating vanilla ice cream straight from the container,

just as we did today.

These past 18 months have been the sweetest of my life.

And as I sit here typing, staring at the face I made,

a face that is covered in creamy vanilla,

with ice cream dripping from her perfectly edible chin,

it still feels just as unbelievable to me

as it did 18 months ago,

when I first held this tiny peanut,

turned playmate.

18 months later, and she still leaves me breathless.

Happy Half Birthday, sunshine. I love you up to the moon, across the stars, and more than you will ever, ever know.




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