Gee, I really love you…

8 Sep

Today, my little girl and I had a mission on our hands:

We had to pick up a very special dress for a very special someone’s very special day.


So, despite the flooding rains, baby girl and I donned our slickers, rubbed some Moroccan Hair Oil through our tresses,

and braved the elements, in the pursuit of our white-tulle filled haven.

And, I kid you not, as soon as we walked through the threshold of the bridal salon, shaking freshly fallen raindrops from our foreheads and feet,

my girl said “Down!” and bolted from my arms, towards the white, shiny, mirror and tutu and sparkle filled mecca.

And, and I still kid you not, as soon as she took off, racing across the marble floor, literally squealing so loudly that she caused everyone in the store to turn around and look (and smile!), “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” began to blare from the speakers overhead.

My propensity-for-princesses-peanut spent a half hour prancing around the salon.

She crawled up on the pedestals, posing across the room full of mirrors, smiling and making faces and blowing kisses at her reflection;

She climbed up on the big, velvet chair as it were here throne, stroking the fabric with her tiny hand;

She made a beeline for these bad boys:

(She’s my kid! She’s my kid!)

She even participated in her very first focus group.

She rocked it.

(I would expect nothing less.)

And, most of all, she gave me so many reasons to smile on a dreary, post-Summer, Thursday morning.

I have still yet to get over the fact that she’s my girl, and that I get to have adventures with her every single day.

My little partner. My best friend. My girl.

So yes,

“Have fun”, we did, indeed.



One Response to “Gee, I really love you…”

  1. Jessica September 8, 2011 at 9:19 pm #

    Immense amount of love for this post and you and belle!!!!!!!

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