8 Aug

As I have mentioned before, this has kind of been a doozy of a summer.

It has certainly had it’s moments of brightness and beauty,

but the scarier moments have only served to heighten my gratitude for the loved ones around me.

I am so so blessed to have the family that I have been born into.

I treasure my family with all that I am.

And so, after some weeks of tumult, this weekend, I went home.

My parents’ house is a mere 10 minutes from my own,

but a visit was not enough.

For one night, we moved back in.

My whole, big, furry, babyish brood.

And my sister came in from the far off city in which she dwells.

She needed to come home to.

For a sleepover party.

My dad cooked for us.

My mom held our hands and let us snuggle up to her.

We all took care of each other.

All under the same roof.

And remember how I mentioned that my dad cooked for us?

This is what dinner looked like.

And this is what breakfast and bed looked like.

And then this was lunch.

And in between stuffing our faces,

we all piled into my parents’ bedroom and did exactly what we needed;

We snuggled up,

we reminisced,

we joked around

and laughed until our eyes were wet with tears.

And talked about our fears,

until the tears dripped down our cheeks.

And then laughed some more.

We healed.

And on Sunday morning, as I hid under the covers of my sister’s childhood bed,

playing peak-a-boo with my little girl,

her sticky, pumpkin-waffle-smelling-face pressed up against mine,

I felt so filled with peace.

So filled with gratitude..

…with love.

Because that sleepover,

that time with my family,

that everything…


is where the heart is.




3 Responses to “Home.”

  1. Missa, @conceivednotion August 18, 2011 at 8:57 pm #

    Just found your blog and oh how amazing your family sounds. Enlighten me! How did your parents raise you in such a way that you are this close?! This is what I’d love for my young family to be like one day.

    • mommyeverafter August 19, 2011 at 8:42 am #

      Thank you so much for the kind comment and sweetest words! I so appreciate your characterization of my family (and so do my family members; when I saw this comment, I was scurrying around the kitchen of my grandparents’ beach house, and read it out loud. My Mommom shouted, “Tell the girl it comes from the Mommom and Poppop!” I wish I could pinpoint some genius things that make us so close and serve to strengthen our bond; We are insanely connected (We all see each other at least several times a week and talk several times a day. Like, all of us. I talk to my mom 5 times a day and my grandmother at least once, my dad once or twice, my sister and I text all day, etc.); We grew up in a house where my parents were really honest and accepting with us, and expected our honesty in return (so when we’d mess up, we’d be greeted with compassion and understanding); We talk about everything. It sometimes gets inappropriate. Remember my Mommom up there? She taught me all the dirty words I know. And how to use one strategically lifted finger; We were (are) never allowed to go to bed angry; We are certainly not perfect, but we always lead with love and would do anything (anything anything anything) for one another. Truly, it seems that you are doing all of this with your precious family. Your daughter is so blessed to have you as her mommy. You are giving her a world of color and light and fun and brilliance, and I know that she will treasure you and your time together. I look forward to learning so much more from YOU as I go…


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