Scenes from the Nest

17 Mar

Three things you should know about me:

I love feathers (yes, you already know that, but I am just further emphasizing my love for all things bird.)

I love my family. (which, I mean, duh.)

I love photos.

More accurately, I am obsessed with photos.

I love taking pictures. I love looking at pictures. I love reminiscing over pictures.

So yes,

feathers, family and photos.

And, it is on my happiest of days that I am able to combine all three of these treasured things.

Last month, I had the distinct pleasure of doing just that.

My husband, my daughter and I shared the best afternoon we’ve shared since my daughter’s very first afternoon on this earth.

I exaggerate not,

when I say that I still get butterflies in my belly when I think of this most special day;

Our day at Little Nest Portrait Studio.

You see, it was not until my little birdie was ten months old that we decided to take her for professional photos.

Much like her mama, my girl loves posing, mugging for the camera and playing dress-up,

so we figured that it was time for some of her most delicious,

model-y moments to be captured on film.

And so, after seeing many fine examples of the gorgeous, unique, texturally rich and vibrant photos from other Little Nest photo shoots, we decided to migrate there for our first professional photo endeavor.

And oh, how glad I am that our little posey birdie led us to this most special of Nests.

I could go on and on to you about how beautiful the studio was,

how kind everyone was to us,

how amazing their backdrops were,

how much time they spent with us, listening to our story in order to capture exactly what we wanted to from our shoot;

Believe me, on



I could go.

But, I think that these photos speak for themselves.

Yes. That right there? That’s my girl.

You have never before seen a photo of her.

I have kept it that way on purpose.

Yet, now, I can’t help but to share these works of art.

That is the smile I’ve written about,

the eyelashes that make me weak in the knees,

the dress that was mine, that I wore as a child,

the necklace that my Poppop bought my Mommom on the 60th anniversary of their very first date….

all captured perfectly,



for us to treasure forever.

I can tell you right now that I will never, ever forget that day.

I will always remember how Alison, our incredible photographer, created color and light right before our eyes.

I still smile when I think of how my daughter struck pose after pose after pose, smiling non-stop,

like a real, professional adult model.

I still feel immense pride when I see my daughter referred to as a free spirit, two words that I hope will define her throughout her life.

I will forever treasure the images of my husband feeding his little dear her very first bites of cupcake.

With the help of Alison and the amazing studio,

our family made memories–

made magic–

all within the sanctity of our own little nest.

So, really there are four things you should know about me:

I love feathers. I love birds. I love nests.

I love my family. I love the way that my daughter crawled around and whipped her head around to strike a pose, lifting her arm in the air above her head, her eyes twinkling with light. I love how my husband sat in my baby’s cupcake crumbs and told her how much he loves her.

I love photos. I, most especially, love these photos.


I can’t wait to return to that most special of Nests, the Little Nest, for more afternoons of magic,

and modeling

and pure wonder.

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