Making the best of it–Mama Style:

9 Mar

The “home alone on a Wednesday evening” Edition.

When you’re a mama, you must make the best of things.

Like, when your little girl takes her sippy cup and dumps the entire thing of water over her head…

Oh well. That’s one less bath I have to give.

Or, maybe your little girl decides she wants to eat her pasta with a spoon, and feed it to herself, which loosely translates into smashing said spaghetti into her hair…

Wow! I never knew how stunning she would look as a redhead!

Or, when your little girl knocks over a cup of water onto her dresser, soaking the entire wood facade…

Ok. Dont’ have to scrub that piece of furniture today!

Or, perhaps, when you decide to carry your little girl, completely naked, into the bathroom for her tub time

and she,

you know,

pees all over you,

the bath mat,

and your freshly washed and donned pajamas.

Fabu! One less diaper to change. And, I totally didn’t like this warm, just out of the dryer pair of jam jams anyway.

So, pour yourself a big ol’ cup of the lemonade you made from those lemons

and be thankful.

It was only pee this time.


2 Responses to “Making the best of it–Mama Style:”

  1. Maureen March 9, 2011 at 10:31 pm #

    Your cup is SOOO half full girl!
    LOVED IT!!!

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