Old, Wise Wives

6 Mar

How much credibility do you grant to those Old Wives Tales

and suggestions from days gone by?

Let me tell you something:

I was always one to say nay when told to wave a threaded needle over my pregnant belly,

but wouldn’t you know that that darn thing spun around in a circle over the little girl in my womb?

And, I carried wide, my face changed and I craved sweets.

So yeah, those old wives were wise.

And, when my baby girl hiccuped?

Don’t you know, she was growing up a storm.

All of these tales and tips I heard from my Mommom,

all had at least a kernel of truth.

So tonight, when I thought I spotted a little fleck of white popping through my daughter’s upper gum,

what did I do?

I listened to the words of my Mommom.

I took out a metal spoon,

stuck it in my daughter’s mouth and listened for the clink.

And clink, it did.

Mommom was right, once again.

What did I tell ya?

Those wives, man.

They were sure wise.


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