16 Feb

You might say I’m a worrier.

I have worried about baby poop.

I have worried about the future.

I have worried about poisoning my unborn child.

And, I have most certainly worried about what my daughter is eating.

Is she eating a well balanced diet?

Is she getting enough food?

Is she getting all of her vitamins?

Is she growing properly?

Is she going to be a picky eater?

Will she throw her spoon at me and leave me covered in puree, right before I have to leave for work?

I try not to let these worries consume me,

But it is so crucial that my daughter is getting the best nutrition possible.

It is for that reason that I have been exclusively breastfeeding for her 10 months.

It is for that reason that I have been known to spend $8.00 on a small, organic butternut squash, and a half an hour pureeing it to her liking.

It is for that reason that I have a new favorite food to serve her;

Gerber Organic SmartNourish Purees*.

I would consider myself to be extremely dedicated to providing my little girl with the best, healthiest food possible.

And, often times, she will put up a bit of a fight.

She will gag at my pureed organic petite peas.

She will cry over my quinoa.

However, from her first bite of Gerber Organic SmartNourish,

She began eating with great gusto.

In fact, when I served her a container of Gerber’s Organic SmartNourish Farmer’s Market Vegetable Blend with Mixed Grains,

She finished every last drop so quickly that she demanded seconds.

This never happens.

This made me happy.

More than happy.

I was thrilled.

Not only did I not have to spend hours and dollars shopping for the best organic produce, chopping it up, pureeing it, and then trying to pry her tiny lips open so that she would taste (and inevitably spit out) my concoction, but all I had to do was pop open the jar, give her one bite, and she was hooked.

But, her full belly is not the best part.

The real advantage to her new favorite meal is the myriad of great ingredients; fresh, organic vegetables, whole grains, 18 mg DHA & 25 mg Choline per serving for healthy brain & eye development, and tons of protective antioxidant Vitamins A and E.  Mealtime has become an absolute joy.

And the love didn’t end there. When it came time for dessert,

A time during which I usually get pieces of quartered blueberries thrown at me,

Or applesauce poured over my head,

I had a happy little girl, smacking her lips over the SmartNourish pear raspberry puree. She could not get enough.

To be able to give her a dessert that is easy, organic, healthy and with no added sugar, salt, starch, artificial flavors or colors is a real gift to both of us.

So, for this worrier of a mom and this food snob of a baby,

We’ve got a real winner on our hands.

And by on our hands, I mean on our hands,

dripping down our faces, smushed into our hair, and in all of the yummiest, babyest of places.

So, it’s very nice to know that when it comes to my daughter’s nourishment,

I may be a worrier,

But at least I am a smart one.

*Product sample provided generously by manufacturer. All opinions are 100% mine.

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