While you were out

16 Jan

Shout out loud!

Bang on some pots and pans!

It’s been far too quiet around here.

This week was challenging for me,

as it was my first week back to work in the New Year,

as well as my first week of working every day since I was placed on bedrest a whole, long March ago.

So, this week, I succumbed to my nagging writer’s block,

and stepped away from the computer,

and soaked up every free minute of precious baby time.

I now leave her for a mere 15 hours a week,

which is up from the 5 hours a week I was working in the Fall,

and  although I was prepared with a nice, gradual transition,

it is still hard.

So freakin’ hard.

I thought that it would be easier.

I thought that I would only be missing a quick meal and a long nap and that I’d be home before she knew I was gone.

I thought wrong.

I missed her saying a new word for the first time.

I missed her starting to pull up.

But, most of all,

I just missed her.

The love that I feel for this little girl is so profound,

and when I am away from her, I am not whole.

So, yes;

I’ve been so so quiet.

I hope you understand.

But, sound the drum!

Set off some fireworks!

I’m back.

And, I’m here to fill you in on what you may have missed.

So, without further ado,


through photos and words,

is a little bit of what happened

while we were out.

A wonderful friend made me the best hot cocoa of my life,

I rocked a baby, who was not my own, to sleep,

My daughter and I had more dance parties than I can count,

I watched my mother give my daughter her sixth tutu,

My heart did a somersault, once again, when I said “My daughter”,

I sang Shabbat and I sang Shalom

and I said the Schehecheyanu for some exciting new beginnings in our lives.

And so, so, so much more.

And since my family time is now more precious than ever,

I shall leave you with a promise to be back very soon.

Stomp your feet!

Give a clap!

And hold your loved ones as tightly as you can.

I sure am.


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