2 bloggers blogging (or, not blogging, as the case may be)

30 Dec

I am sorry I didn’t blog yesterday.

I have a good excuse.

My computer broke.

It’s at the Mac hospital.

It misses you, so!

Mama Gaga of The Gaga Diaries, a favorite mommy blog of mine, didn’t blog yesterday.

She had a good excuse.

Her water broke.

She’s at the baby delivery hospital.

Okay, pun stops here.

Baby Gaga was born!!!!

I am quite excited, for not only is Mama Gaga my first mommy blogger friend to have a baby (and I have followed her pregnancy online since the start)

but her new baby Brady Grayson,

is adorable and precious and tiny and gorgeous.

And seeing his little face next to their big smiles makes me miss having a newborn

a very lot.

So yeah, neither of us blogged yesterday,

but today is the start of many new exciting beginnings

at the end of a very new exciting year.

Congrats, Gagas.

And if you happen to run into my MacBook at the hospital, blow him a little kiss from me.


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