“I never not wanted it”

26 Dec

This morning, as the dogs snored from their perch in the windowsill,

and the husband readied the house for the impending snowstorm,

and the babe slept quietly by my side,

I caught up with some old friends.


And you know that scene up there?

You know, the one in “Ghost Town”, when Aidan and Carrie find themselves on the back stoop at Scout, and Aidan feeds Carrie the cake, with that fine new haircut of his?

Yeah, that scene kills me. And not just because I’m now 6 days shy of the 6 year anniversary of when I set off for Barcelona.

Well, it may be because of that,

but just a little.

Sometimes, I forget how much I miss my old city,

and my old girlfriends,

and old (pre-travesty-that-is-SATC the movie-SEQUEL) Aidan.

Because when I think about it,

really, really think about it,

those things really do take the cake.


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