4 years ago, right this minute:

15 Dec

I was singing in a family talent show,

as K and I were performing our now infamous duet of “Suddenly Seymour”;

I was about to play Cranium,

which K and I would win,

for the very first time,

triumphing over my previously undefeated parents;

I was in St. John;

I was blissfully unaware that the next morning would bring me some “unexpected happiness”;

I was enjoying my very last night with an empty ring finger;

I was about to get engaged.

But, more on that tomorrow.

For the moment,

I invite you to stage a talent show of your own,

in our honor, perhaps.

And, in case you need some inspiration,

I give you a little bit of karaoke,

and a little bit of sweet understanding.

I’ve got to go get some beauty sleep;

Who knows,

maybe there will be some more surprises waiting for me,

maybe more unexpected happiness,

and maybe even a few more knocks on my bedroom door

in the morn.


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