“Take me, baby. Or leave me.”

5 Dec

Last night, before bed, my sister and I were having a chat.

We chatted about her upcoming birthday.

We chatted about our family dogs.

And then, I quoted Rent.

And then, I copied and pasted.

Me: do you know what that quote above was from btw?
Sis:  Rent! duh
Me:  I like forgot if you knew rent
Sis:  I liked everything you liked for like, 14 years
Me:  hahahahahaha. Like having a million pillows on your bed because of me, right? what else?
Sis:  Naming your stuffed animals with the same starting letter.
Me:  hahahahaha. Sergio the seahorse and posse. what else?
Sis:  Rent, any brand of clothing you liked
Me:  awww. you really did look up to me didn’t you?
Sis:  What was I thinking?!
So, then I had to go put the baby to bed.
But I couldn’t stop smiling. Because my sister is incredibly accomplished and smart and focused young adult,
and somehow, at one point in her life,
I was her idol.
My sister,
who once spread Vaseline over her entire body, head to toe, including her hair, and posed naked in the mirror, swiveling her hips like Elvis,
My sister,
who decided to make up a “new cool word that meant funny and silly” and ended up becoming obsessed with the word “Mort”, thinking she had invented it,
My sister,
who once proclaimed she wouldn’t eat chicken because she did not eat ” meat or upholstery”, used “Crust” toothpaste and swam in a “bading suit”,
Is now this talented, beautiful, amazing woman,
whose accomplishments I could brag about for days.
And now, my baby sister, is this person I look up to.
And not just because she stands an inch and a half taller than I do.

Well, if I really think about it, I think that in many ways, we both look up to each other.

We still snuggle up together in my bed, resting our heads on piles and piles of pillows.
We still sing Showtunes.
We still are each others’ idols.
And there’s nothing mort about it.

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