Love, Baby Ever After

25 Nov

Hi, Friends-

Baby here!

Pleased to know you!

So nice to make your acquaintance!

I know we haven’t been formally introduced, but I’m only 7 months old, so I’ve just learned to write.

Mommy tells me the best things about you.

I have a feeling she’s told you a little bit about me, too.

I just got back from my very first Thanksgiving Dinner. I got to enjoy both sides of my family, and trust me, I was the bell of the ball.

What I wore:

Velvet Paisley-Print Dress with bell sleeves by Cynthia Rowley

Black tights by Old navy

Black velvet mary-janes with satn bows by Bubbie (well, she didn’t make them, but she did buy them for me. I’m a baby, you can’t expect me to remember every little thing)

Black fur coat (faux! of course! I love my animals!!) by Minibasix

Let me tell you, I was looking snazzy.

I had so much fun playing, as everyone watched on, oohing and ahhing. I showed all of my family my new trick; I know how to give kisses, and I just love smooching everyone, especially my new stuffed bear. I rolled around the floor with my plastic telephone from Mommom and I called all of my other baby buddies to gobble at them.

I know this is my first Thanksgiving, so I’m just learning that this is a holiday for feasting, but trust me, I put away my fair share of goodies. Mommy fed me turkey, sweet potatoes, apples and yogurt, although I couldn’t help eyeing that pecan pie. Oh well. Maybe next year!

Everyone kept saying how thankful they were for me, and how well behaved I was. I didn’t make a single peep, besides saying Mama and Dada and giggling, of course. I couldn’t dare make a bad impression, especially not at a holiday. What would people think?

My favorite part of the night was sitting by the fire, with my uncle and aunt playing with me, as all of the 25 big adults gathered around, singing “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” to make me smile. It worked. I couldn’t stop grinning tonight!

What a great night.

Actually, all day today was so special for me. I woke up, and the first thing mommy said to me was, “Happy Thanksgiving, baby! Can you say Happy Thanksgiving Dada?” I answered by saying, “Dada”, but I don’t quite know how to say the rest of it yet. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow. Mommy and Daddy let me stay in my PJs all day, and I even saw my very first snow fall. Don’t worry, I was nice and warm in daddy’s arms, as we watched out the living room window. I loved to watch the tiny flakes dance to the ground.

Well, I’m pretty pooped. Time to kiss my new pink bear and go to sleep. I can’t wait to have sweet dreams about silly gobbling turkeys, pecan pie, and my special family, singing and laughing to me around the fire.

I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving, too. Maybe we can celebrate together, sometime.

Gobble Gobble Goo Goo Ga Ga!


Baby, Ever After




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