the dedication page

10 Oct

Pardon me,

as I’ve been remiss. I published this fairytale

without it’s dedication page.

Crying it Out, The Fairytale is dedicated to my dearest friends, who do not yet have babies of their own, but who coaxed me through every agonizing minute of my plight, with words of support, encouragement and love. J and Befo, this one’s for you.

To J, thank you sending me this message, when I really needed it:

“Aww love, I hope you know that you are doing everything right! You’re being a loving caring mommy and that’s whats most important, no matter where baby sleeps!! Babies don’t remember that they cried; what they DO remember is that they have a mommy who’s reliable and consistent, who they can depend on, seriously, and you are that for baby and when she grows up THAT’s what she’ll remember.”

And to my Befo, who not only cheered me on throughout the whole crying process,

but who also gave my baby quality without-mommy-time today.

And, most of all, thank you for picking the baby’s nose when you spotted a boogie.

Now that’s dedication for you.


My daughter is blessed to a fabulous group of Aunts,

which helps to make up for the fact that she has a loon for a mama.


Dedication page complete.

You may now read my story.

The end.

Or, actually,

The beginning.



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