hello, goodbye and peace

1 Oct

Did you feel that?

That would be the new chill in the air, as the night air has finally succumbed to autumn.

Did you hear that?

That would be the crunch of the fallen leaves under your feet,

as the branches are starting to yellow, soon to be set on fire, before growing bare and cold.

Did you smell that?

That would be firewood, burning quietly in some fireplaces tonight.

Fall is here,

and now, as the sun has set, so is Shabbat.

Tonight was absolutely lovely, as Friday nights go.

We had a decadent Shabbat feast,

cooked by our own personal Top Chef,

and devoured every bite of the Parmesan and lemon crusted chicken Milanese, roasted Brussels sprouts and ridiculously velevetyamazingdecadent butternut squash puree,

as we took turns bouncing the baby and planning our coordinating Halloween costumes.

My friends, you’re in for a treat.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

After dinner, we had to rush home, so that the baby could get to bed at a decent hour,

but not before we gathered around the table to light the Shabbat candles.

As we said the blessings,

I watched my dad and husband dance around in circles with the baby, making her giggle and squeal.

I could say that their smiles glowed more brightly than the candles’ flames,

but then I’d have to whack myself with a hunk of challah,

so I’ll just say that it was very special and made my heart sing.

An auspicious start to a new week,

and a new season,

with our newest family member,

I’d say.

I’d also say, Shalom.

Hello October,

Goodbye Summer,

And may peace be with you.


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