I didn’t realize

29 Sep

that at 5 months old,

my daughter would already be a big enough blabbermouth

that she puts her mama,

a queen blabbermouth in her own right,

to shame.

Let me just say, that I’m a talker.

I chat.

I gab.

I have been known to have some diarrhea of the mouth, at times.

Sometimes, when it spreads, it can even be called word vomit.

Shocking, I’m sure.

Not only have I always been an avid talker,

but I was also an early talker.

I started to speak my first words at 6 months,

and by 1 year old, was speaking in full sentences.

My mom’s friends had fun teaching me words,

like “pocketbook” and “Daddy bring home the bacon!”

As my dad likes to say now, I started talking at 6 months old and never shut up.

And, it is my belief that my daughter is already following in these very chatty footsteps.

She blabs.

She babbles.

Although she doesn’t quite speak English (save the incessant babbling of words like “Mama” “Baba” and “Dada”),

she speaks as though she is conversing,

her voice rising as if to ask a question,

and laughing at her own babbly jokes.

Let me tell you,

it’s adorable—

most of the time.

It can get a little difficult,

like just now, as I was on a work call (which, for me, is really blabbing with my co-teacher, but, you know) and I had to stop every 40 seconds to say, “Wait, what did you just say?” because my daughter was squealing, giggling and talking her baby talk in my ear.

In fact, the other day, I overheard my husband giving her a little pep talk.

“You know,” he began. “I have a feeling you are going to be talking as much as mommy, pretty soon. And even though I didn’t think that was humanely possible, and even though I will never get a word in between the two of you, you’re just so cute, so I won’t mind.”

She may be a big ol’ blabbermouth,

but she’s my big ol’ blabbermouth,

and I love every single incomprehensible word.

So, with that,

I will leave you with my baby’s last little pearl of wisdom:

“Gaga ga wawa uhhh, ha, ohha, mamamamamammamamamamamaammaam!!!!”

Which, loosely translated, means,

“I may say a lot, but that’s because I have a lot of fabulous things to say!! Deal with it, mom. This blabbermouth is here to stay!!”


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