Sesame and the City/Broadway and the Daddy

28 Sep

Today, it was finally chilly enough for the baby to wear her favorite shirt.

I got her dressed and ready to go,

and just as we were heading out the door

I noticed that she had seriously outgrown the skirt/leggings set that I had put her in.

There were about 6 inches of exposed calf from where her leggings ended and socks began.


A little fashion “don’t”,

but no biggie.

And then, my husband saw her.

And then, he cracked up.

And then, something came out of his mouth that I couldn’t believe.

“You made her look like Melchior!”,

he chuckled, as he referred to the lead character in Spring Awakening.

And with that, this unfortunate outfit choice became totally, totally worth it.


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