On this fine Saturday, I

25 Sep

stomped on crunchy leaves,

was yard sold,

bought about 5000 almonds for about 5 dollars,

mashed an avocado,

called Lola “Loly Guacamole”,

realized that my new candles actually smell like B.O.,

purchased a Disney Princess Snuggie,

returned a Disney Princess Snuggie,

saw 2 giant feathers,

missed my angels,

wished I could share a funny story with my angels,

remembered that my angels probably already knew it,

said a prayer to the heavens,

said a mouthful to my husband,

made a pizza,

scrubbed pizza off baby’s hands, after she grabbed my dinner off of my plate,

hid our Halloween candy,

acted pretty handy,

wore my hair down,

had my hair pulled,

walked 4 dogs, at once,

wagged my tail,

wiped dried oatmeal off the baby’s face with my.own.spit.,

wiped the melted shell of my old, cooler self up from off of the floor,

impersonated Rachel Zoe,

went ba-na-nuz,

and did not stop for one, single, solitary minute,

until right now.

Hope your Saturday was equally as major. Litch-rally.


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