dancin’ to the rhythm in our heart and soul, Saturday night,

25 Sep

Saturday night.

So, yeah. It’s Saturday night.

And yeah, my friends may be out to fun dinners, or for yummy drinks,

and yeah, a certain freckle-nosed family member of mine may have started drinking vodka-on-the-rocks at five four three two today,

and yeah, I may have 4 dogs in my bed with me,

(oh, did I not mention that we are dogsitting for these two ragamuffins?

Well, I am.)

and yeah,

maybe I’m wearing my husband’s old, flannel PJs,

and yeah,

maybe I’m eating a handful of chocolate chips,

as we snuggle up to a bad movie and the sounds of puppies snoring,

but guess what?

I couldn’t ask for anything more.

I may not be the coolest kid on the block,

but what I am is content.

And content is the very, very, very thing I have always, always, always hoped to be.


One Response to “dancin’ to the rhythm in our heart and soul, Saturday night,”


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