Top Chef, Top Shmef

16 Sep

Except, not really.

I am still (insanely, insanely) jealous that my parents got to eat a decadent dinner,

cooked by none other than the new Top Chef, Kevin Sbraga.

Oh, and you know the winning duck dish that he made last night,

the one that put him over the edge and secured his victory?

Yeah, my mom had that. She said it was the best duck she has ever eaten.

I said,  “Wahhhh, why didn’t you take meeeeee with you?”

She said, “Grow up, you baby!”

(Actually, she said, “Don’t worry, we will all go back together, you will LOVE it!” She’s so nice like that.)

Congrats to Kevin, a new winner and new daddy.

Congrats to my parents, for boosting themselves a little higher in my book o’ cool.

I still wish I had gotten to try that duck.

Oh, well. I will now drown my sorrows in the cake I am baking for Poppop’s 81st Birthday celebration, this evening.

And just in case you’re wondering the theme of tonight’s cake?

Singapore Slingers.



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